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Factsheet - Quick 'n Easy 5 Web Design for MAC
Embedding Youtube videos £1.00
If you have the Quick 'n Easy 5 Web designer programme but have been struggling to get Youtube video on your website then this simple and cheap factsheet will tell you everything about getting your first videos on streen.

If you click on the "Why choose us?" or "Webinars" links on the toolbar then you will see the sort of videos I have on here.

Factsheet - Customer Complaint Procedure/Policy £10.00
This is a policy document that can be used when a customer complains that you have given them food poisoning.

Simply click on the PayPal Button to purchase and download the pdf documents that can be used over and over again.

It's a 10 point plan and food diary and full instructions are given in the paperwork.

Also you can ring me on 07806 472134 if you get stuck.
Safer Food Better Business to Download for Free
This is a link to the FSAs Safer Food Better Business. It's the latest version and it's totally free to download. If you want a version that I've created using the latest information then you need to download the commercial offering below.

It's only £30.00 for a licence for your own business/es
(NB please do not pass this on)

Enhanced Safer Food Better Business £30.00
While I do not own the copyright to Safer Food Better Business (SFBB) the comments that I've put into this version certainly are my own. This documentation plus my input has previously been charged out at £200.00!

You need to double check that you are ensuring that the comments I have put in match what happens in your business though. The beauty of this version is that you can simply change the text if something changes and save the changes. You can print out a new version as and when changes occur or for multiple sites or when the document gets a little dog eared
The licence for this is either for a single business or personal use. Please respect the copyright and do not pass it on.
Acrylamide Factsheet - only £1.00
This factsheet on Acrylamide should be placed at the back of your Safer Food Better Business or HACCP paperwork.

The regs themselves are very basic but when you get inspected by Environmental Health put this in your paperwork and it will "tick" the box for them.

As long as you are seen to have done something about the new regs then they will leave you alone.

Also use it as a training aid to make sure your staff understand all this. Don't forget to complete your training record as well.
How to Achieve and Maintain a High Food Hygiene Rating - £30.00
This document is aimed at guiding you through processes that will help you achieve and maintain a good FHR.

It is simple to implement and achieve and could save you a small fortune if you put this into practice.
If you want the food safety factsheets then these are listed below.

I have also started writing some useful Factsheets and resources for people who have just started out in business or who want to check that they are doing things as well as they can.

To access these simply click on the picture on the left and it will take you to a list of what I have created so far.