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Free Food Safety Book

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Here at Steve Pepper Training Associates I pride myself in having a good track record of training delivery and keeping businesses safe and compliant with the law.

Just enter your details on the form and you will be able to access my free book on Food Safety together with details of my online training with a host of other free resources.

I will use these details to add you to my mailing list but as it’s mailchimp you can easily cancel at any time.

I have also recently set up a food safety auditing service  this includes a 30+ page pdf report and action plan so you can either increase your food safety rating or if you have a rating of 5 then ensure you keep it. I also offer a SFBB set up programme these can be available to your business from as little as £199.50 each (No VAT). Just fill in your details and I will get in touch.

I have over 27 years experience as a trainer. I undertake a wide range of legislation specific training on Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health and Safety (up to Level 4, formerly Advanced).

I also have a few Facebook Groups where you can post questions and get answers for free. Just go onto Facebook and search for:

“Food Safety UK”

“Health and Safety UK”

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Level 2 Food Safety only £15 no VAT