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This free book will help you keep your food Hygiene rating to the highest level

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Free Factsheet on Ecoli O157

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Here at Steve Pepper Training Associates I pride myself in having a good track record of training delivery and keeping businesses safe and compliant with the law.

I have over 26 years experience as a trainer. I undertake a wide range of legislation specific training on Food Safety, Fire Safety and Health and Safety (up to Level 4, formerly Advanced).

I’ve also do 1-1 and small group coaching on Social Media.

So if you’re struggling to get started or if it’s not working for you then simply give me a call.

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Office: 01423 524840

Free Factsheet on Handwashing

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Level 2 Food Safety only £15 no VAT

Food Safety Audits.

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Audits start at only £149.50 for a minimum of a 19 page comprehensive report